Sophie Hart A girls guide to the birds and the bees


What happens in the bedroom doesn’t have to stay in the bedroom

A refreshingly open and uplifting romantic comedy about friendship, love and sex. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to give a relationship a good dose of TLC…

Sex therapist Annie Hall helps couples put the fizz back into their relationships. It’s a shame her own love life is non-existent. When Jamie who works next door catches her eye, she can’t ignore the spark of chemistry.

Most men would jump at the chance to skive off work for an afternoon quickie with their gorgeous wife, but Nick knows Julia is after only one thing – a baby. Sex shouldn’t be a chore. Can Annie help Julia see that?

Newly engaged Zoe and Simon can’t keep their hands off each other. They’ve decided to take a vow of celibacy until their wedding night. Will Annie help them stick to it?

Roy and Linda have been married for over thirty years but she’s more interested in the family business than getting intimate with him. Can Annie convince Linda to rediscover her passion for Roy after all this time?

While Annie begins to work her magic with the three couples, she soon discovers that she’ll need to take some of her own advice if she’s going to let a new man into her life.

If you’re a fan of Tracy Bloom’s No one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday and Lindsey Kelk, kick your feet up, turn off your phone, and sink into Sophie’s novel.WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT SOPHIE HART‘It’s got a cast of characters that I really got to know and love… It was a really enjoyable book that I can highly recommend, I loved it! Chloe’s Chicklit Reviews

‘I loved the whole book from start to finish. There really is something for everyone in this book, and I am sure it will have you laughing away on many occasions…This was a very clever storyline that had me hooked and it is certainly one that I will be recommending, I can’t wait for more books by Sophie Hart.’ Reas Book Review

‘I loved that this was a book with genuine characters in realistic situations. I enjoyed exploring the relationships and seeing the characters transform.’

‘A story about friendship and relationships. It’s a perfect chick-lit read but with a naughty twist.The Book Geek Wears Pajamas

I really enjoyed The Naughty Girls Book Club. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light-hearted read.’ Novelicious

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