Bookouture re-sign contracts with Clarke, Stelljes and Wilkinson

This week the fabulous news about re-contracting some of your favourite authors, just keeps on coming.  

Commissioning editor Jennifer Hunt has acquired two twisty, domestic psychological thrillers from Wendy Clarke, whose previous titles have sold more than 150,000 copies worldwide.

Jennifer said,

‘It’s been two years since I started publishing Wendy, and her thrillers just get better and better. They’re endlessly twisty, dark and atmospheric. Canals give me the shivers because of Blind Date, the Lake District will always seem like it holds secrets because of What She Saw, and I will never hear about an engagement and not think of the beginning of The Bride. I can’t wait to be totally transported into the lives of the characters in her two new books.’

Wendy said,

‘From the day my fabulous editor, Jennifer, contacted me to tell me she loved my debut novel and would like to publish it, I knew as an author I’d found my ‘home’. After working successfully together on five books, I’m delighted to say that I still feel the same way and am very much looking forward to continuing to work with the dynamic and supportive team at Bookouture.’

Associate Publisher Ellen Gleeson struck a three-book deal for World All Languages, including audio format, direct with bestselling thriller author Roger Stelljes to continue the gripping Agent Tori Hunter series. Book 4, the follow up to The Hidden Girl, is on the way for summer 2022.

Ellen said,

‘Roger is a true pro. His plotting and pacing is second to none; his settings are beautifully described and full of atmosphere; and crucially he knows exactly how to shock readers! His army of fans have totally fallen for Agent Tori Hunter and her badass, no-nonsense ways as she tracks down murderers and kidnappers in Minnesota’s lake country. I can’t wait to see where Roger takes Tori on the next adventure.’

Roger said,

‘It’s been a great ride writing Tori and discovering the layers to her, Braddock and the whole cast of characters in their world in Manchester Bay. I look forward to working with Ellen and her team as we bring more Tori stories to life.’

Associate Publisher Ellen Gleeson has acquired World All Languages rights for two more addictive psychological thrillers, plus the coming-of-age novel Truly, Madly, Amy direct from bestselling author Kerry Wilkinson to publish in 2022.

Ellen said, 

‘Every book we publish with Kerry reminds me what an incredible talent we have on our hands! Kerry’s ability to come up with snappy, commercial hooks for his page-turning thrillers is second-to-none and the sheer speed and quality of his writing will never cease to amaze me. I’m particularly excited to work on something totally different in Truly, Madly, Amy – a truly beautiful, warm, hilarious, bittersweet and nostalgic read that will transport readers back to their teenage summers.’

Kerry said,

‘Bookouture are famous for their data-led publishing. They informed me that ((me + words) + them) x 3 = 3 x book. With data like that, who am I to argue?’

Bookouture re-sign contracts with Vickery and Josselsohn

We’re excited to share even more contract news today. 

Commissioning Editor Jennifer Hunt has acquired world rights to two more gripping and heartwrenching novels from Kindle top 100 author Sam Vickery.

Jennifer said,

‘Sam knows just how to pull on readers’ heartstrings, she takes the toughest real-life issues, sits readers on emotional rollercoasters, and makes them feel uplifted by the end. In The Guilty Mother, Sam introduces us to a mother who confesses to murder in order to save her family. It’s her most twisty story to date and I’m so excited to publish it.’

Sam said,

I couldn’t be more excited to be signing up for another two books with Bookouture. The opportunity to continue working with such a talented, dynamic and all-round wonderful group of people is something I’m incredibly grateful for, and I can’t wait to write some new stories for my readers.’

Jennifer has also acquired world rights to two books in a new World War Two romance series from Barbara Josselsohn via Cynthia Manson Literary Agency. The stories send readers from New York to Palermo, Italy, following the granddaughters of sisters who lived on an island once occupied by the Nazis.

Jennifer said,

‘As soon as I read the start of Barbara’s series, I was blown away. Her beautiful writing and vivid descriptions bring Palermo and Castello di Parissi, the pink-granite castle, where these women lived, to life effortlessly. The books are layered with family secrets, incredible, strong women you can’t help but root for, and fascinating World War Two history inspired by true stories. I’m so exciting to be bringing such a compelling series to readers and continue to work with Barbara.’

Barbara said,

‘I couldn’t be more thrilled to re-sign with Bookouture for this new historical romance series. Jennifer is the editor every author dreams of, and I feel so incredibly lucky to continue our relationship with this exciting new venture. And as for the whole Bookouture team — I’ve so enjoyed working with this amazing group of talented professionals. I couldn’t ask for a better home for me or my books!’

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Bookouture re-signs contracts with Jenkins and Larkin

We are delighted to announce that we have signed two new contracts with crime authors Victoria Jenkins and L.A. Larkin.

Associate Publisher Helen Jenner has acquired World English rights to three UK-set psychological thrillers for 2022 and 2023.

Helen said,

‘I’m thrilled to be working with Victoria on three more psychological thrillers. Victoria is a joy to work with and she has delivered three cracking new concepts which I am sure psychological thriller readers will love. Her ability to create atmospheric settings and unnerving characters alongside killer twists is what really sets her writing apart.’

Victoria said,

I have been lucky enough to work with Bookouture since 2017, and I couldn’t be happier to be working on a further three books with them. Working with Helen, Lucy and the rest of the team has been a dream come true and I’m looking forward to getting started on the next chapter of our story.’

Helen has also acquired World English rights to three books in a new police procedural series from crime author L.A. Larkin. All three books will publish in 2023.

Helen said,

‘L.A. Larkin is an incredibly talented author and as soon as we started talking about her ideas for a new US-set police procedural series, I knew I had to publish it. Fast-paced and brilliantly tense, she has created a thrilling new series that I’m really looking forward to publishing in 2023.’

L.A. Larkin said,

‘Once in a lifetime a book series idea pops into an author’s head that is really special. I believe the new Sally Fairburn series is just that. Sally is like no other PI and her approach to solving crimes is unusual, to say the least. I believe Sally will touch the hearts of readers, and her complex family life and harrowing history will have readers cheering her on. I want to thank my publisher, Helen Jenner, for backing my new series. I am so delighted that Helen and I will continue to work together – Helen is, without doubt, the best publisher I have ever worked with. Thank you Bookouture!’

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Bookouture re-sign contracts with Halsall, Kelleher and Walsh

Fabulous news about more books coming your way from some of your favourite Bookouture authors. 

Associate Publisher Isobel Akenhead is absolutely over the moon to have agreed a three-book World English rights deal with Rona Halsall, via Hayley Steed at the Madeleine Milburn agency. The three thrillers – including THE WIFE NEXT DOOR in 2022 – promise to deliver more of Rona’s standout dark psychological fiction that has had readers on the edge of their seats since Rona joined Bookouture in 2018. She has since sold over 300,000 books.

Isobel says,

‘It is one of the great pleasures of my job working with Rona, who is a personal inspiration, as well as a phenomenal writer. Her ability to take an idea and turn it into something that is jaw-droppingly clever and twisty never fails to astound me. I am so excited to be working together on three more novels and can’t wait to share them with her many fans.’

Rona says,

‘I’ve now written eight books with Bookouture and I’m delighted to have secured a contract to write three more. They are such a fantastic team to work with and over the four years I have been with them, I have been so impressed with the way they have innovated and adapted to the changing market. I love working with my fabulous editor, Isobel Akenhead, who knows exactly how to make the very best of my writing. I can’t wait for my readers to discover the twisty tales we’ve got in store!’

Commissioning Editor Susannah Hamilton has acquired World rights for two new dark psychological thrillers from Casey Kelleher.

Susannah says,

‘As my first acquisition at Bookouture, I’m delighted to be working with Casey. Her expert plotting and brilliantly nail-biting writing leave readers in no doubt that they’ll be up for a thrilling ride, and it is with great pleasure that we can bring two more books to her fans. I can’t wait to see where Casey’s stories go next!’

Casey says,

‘I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a further two-book deal with Bookouture. I’m very much looking forward to working alongside my brilliant new editor, Susannah Hamilton and bringing my readers two more dark and twisted psychological thrillers. 

Here’s to an exciting 2022!’

We are also thrilled to announce that we have agreed another world rights deal for two more gorgeously escapist romantic comedies from Catherine Walsh. Associate Publisher Isobel Akenhead acquired on behalf of Associate Publisher Lucy Dauman, who is currently on maternity leave.

Isobel says,

I’ve felt so lucky to get to work with this exceptionally talented and funny author, whose stories are certain to delight every romcom reader. Catherine’s new story – about two best friends travelling home for Christmas – is going to be hilarious, escapist and romantic as all hell, and I can’t wait for readers to get their hands on it.’

Catherine says,

‘I’m so thrilled to be working with the fabulous team at Bookouture on two more books! They’ve been absolute dreamboats this past year and I know I couldn’t be in better hands. I’m also very excited to be working on my first Christmas romcom and am sure I will feel the exact same way when I’m editing it in June.’

Bookouture re-sign contracts with Goldring and Midwood

We’re so excited to share that we have more fabulous books on their way from historical fiction authors Suzanne Goldring and Ellie Midwood. 

We are delighted to announce to have signed another two books from bestselling historical fiction author Suzanne Goldring. Associate Publisher Lydia Vassar-Smith signed world all language rights from Heather Holden-Brown at the HHB Agency.

Lydia said,

Since the phenomenal success of My Name is Eva, Suzanne has gone from strength-to-strength with her writing, creating compelling, thought-provoking historical novels that transport you back to the past, lifting the lid on the hardships and hidden truths of history. I am so excited to be publishing more books by this very talented author.’

Suzanne said,

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to continue working with my excellent, enthusiastic editor Lydia Vassar-Smith. Her intelligent insights and the dedication of the talented Bookouture team are behind the rapid success of my books. I still pinch myself when I think how a story about an old lady in a care home has achieved worldwide fame and I have been inspired to write three more books in the space of just two years. It has been a breakneck journey so far and I’m excited to continue the adventure.’

We’re also extremely thrilled to report that we will be publishing two more World War Two page-turners by international bestseller Ellie Midwood. Since Ellie’s first Bookouture novel, The Violinist of Auschwitz, we have published six books in the space of the year, selling over 160,000 copies.

Christina said,

Working with Ellie is honestly such a dream. Every single novel is breathtakingly beautiful – I’m in awe of her talent. She brings to life real stories and real women – brave historical figures who deserve to be honoured – with such grace and lyrical prose. I’m beyond excited about these two next books, that I know will be every bit as gripping and inspirational. They are sure to be absolutely adored by Ellie’s legions of fans, and I cannot wait to publish them.’

Ellie said,

‘I couldn’t be more thrilled to sign a contract for two new projects with my lovely publishing family Bookouture! There were quite a few projects I wanted to write about, but after a few brainstorming sessions with my wonderful editor Christina, we decided on the two most fascinating ones. The first novel will tell the story of Margot, a German woman who risked her freedom and life to save her Jewish husband from the Gestapo along with other women during the Rosenstraße protests. The second novel will tell the incredible story of Dora Schaul, a brave French Resistance fighter who identified Lyon’s Gestapo members to the Allies and helped bring about the capture of Klaus Barbie, the infamous Butcher of Lyon, himself. As with most of my books, these two novels will be based on true stories, and I already can’t wait to share them with my readers!’

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Sue Watson hits one million sales

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have sold over ONE MILLION COPIES of Sue Watson’s books.

Sue’s first book, Love, Lies and Lemon Cakes published in June 2014. Since her first book seven years ago, we have gone on to publish fifteen more titles and we have three more books to come in 2022 and 2023. Sue has moved from being a successful romance writer to becoming the Queen of psychological suspense, making it into the Amazon top 100 on 23 occasions. As well as securing translation deals in five languages, we will be publishing Our Little Lies and The Sister-in-Law through our Bookouture Deutschland imprint in 2022. And her success isn’t just in ebook format as Our Little Lies remains one of our top-selling audiobooks of all time.

Sue Watson says:

‘When I started writing, I never in my wildest dreams expected to sell a million books. But like most successful stories, there’s a cast of characters who all played their part and it started with Oliver Rhodes, who believed in me, signed me to Bookouture, and changed my life. My first editor Emily Ruston turned my early, romantic comedy drafts into books, Isobel Akenhead turned my thrillers into best sellers, and my current editor Helen Jenner, helped me over the line to reach that magic million. I couldn’t have done it without them and the brilliant and supportive team at Bookouture. But the story doesn’t end there, because none of this could have happened without reviewers and readers who have championed my writing and bought my books.’

Associate Publisher Helen Jenner says,

‘Sue certainly lives up to her bestselling author title and selling over a million copies is testament to just how brilliant she is. Her writing is flawless, her characters are so real, you could almost be sitting down at the table watching their every move, and her twists – well, they will blow you away! I’m over the moon that Sue has reached this milestone. She works so hard and delivers such pulse-pounding books which always get excellent reviews. She is a joy to work with and I wish her many, many more milestones!’

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