Bookouture re-sign deals with Jill Childs, Ali Mercer and Nicole Trope

We’re super excited today to tell you about new deals we’ve signed with three of our existing authors that you know and love.

Publishing Director Kathryn Taussig has acquired World English rights from literary agent Judith Murdoch for two new novels from USA Today and Amazon Kindle bestselling author Jill Childs. The first book, publishing in 2022, is the gripping tale of 27-year-old Sara who appears on her grandmother’s doorstep, and is accepted in her without question as the “lost” child the elderly woman last saw as a toddler. But not everyone in the family is convinced. The second book will publish in 2023.   

Kathryn said,

‘We couldn’t be happier to be publishing more books with Jill. Her writing is so compelling and always sprinkled with suspense to keep readers turning page after page. Every book brings something new to the table, and I’m so excited to continue working with her to bring these gripping and emotional stories to readers everywhere.’

Jill said,

‘I’m absolutely delighted to sign another two-book deal with Bookouture — for my seventh and eighth novels with them. I’m grateful for the chance to keep working with such a phenomenal team, from my wonderful editor, Kathryn Taussig, to the dynamic design, marketing and publicity stars. I’m currently deep into the twists and turns of book seven and can’t wait to share it with Bookouture’s readers!’

Commissioning Editor Kelsie Marsden has acquired World English rights from literary agent Judith Murdoch for two new titles from Amazon Kindle bestselling author Ali Mercer. Both titles will explore the sometimes-fragile ties that bind women and families together, and how these relationships can be torn apart and maybe repaired again for the better. The first book will publish in the Spring of 2022, with the next one following in January 2023.

Kelsie said,

‘Ali is a fabulous writer. She has a real talent for getting to the heart of a story and nobody writes families like she does! She is such a joy to work with, brimming with ideas and she really knows her market. I’m thrilled to be kicking off my new role with such an exciting acquisition and I can’t wait to work more closely with Ali on her future publishing. Readers love the unbelievable drama and heartfelt emotion in Ali’s books and there’s plenty more of that to come!’

Ali said,

‘I’m thrilled to have signed up with Bookouture to publish two more books. I’m amazed by all we’ve achieved together to date, and I can’t wait for the next chapter!  It’s a great team to be part of. I’m very much looking forward to working with Kelsie on making my stories as compelling, twisty and emotional as they can possibly be, and hope to keep my readers turning the pages, whether they’re newcomers or have been buying my books from the start.’

We’re delighted to announce that we have re-signed Nicole Trope, author of the internationally bestselling The Boy in the Photo, for two new books.

Associate Publisher Christina Demosthenous has acquired World All Language and audio rights for two new psychological thrillers to be published in 2022.

Christina said,

More books from Nicole makes me feel like one lucky editor! Each novel is a total masterpiece – packed with endless twists, heart-breaking levels of emotion and genuinely beautiful writing. I look forward to each and every story and I can’t wait to unleash these on the world. Think you know the meaning of ‘page-turner’? Think again!’

Nicole said,

‘I am so happy to be publishing two more novels with Bookouture and so grateful that Christina and I can continue to work together on new and exciting projects. I’m looking forward to exploring themes that are just a little darker and more intense. I can hear Christina’s voice in my head as I write now, so I know these novels will be a joy to collaborate on.’

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Bookouture sign 8-book new deal with bestselling author Kate Hewitt

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Associate Publisher Isobel Akenhead has agreed an eight-book world rights deal with bestselling author Kate Hewitt. This will take her publishing up to 2024, and bring her titles with Bookouture to a whopping twenty-eight novels in just six years. In the three years we have so far published Kate, we’ve sold over 650,000 copies of her books.

The new deal will encompass titles in both strands of Kate’s publishing – including a new historical fiction series set in World War Two, and three powerful, emotional, modern women’s fiction novels.

Isobel says:

I feel so blessed to be Kate’s editor. Not only is she extremely prolific, hard-working, and a delight to work with, but her stories are downright amazing. Whether she’s writing about the resistance in war-torn Austria, or about a mother with a child who’s been tragically hospitalised, or an orphan girl in turn-of-the-century Canada, she has a unique ability to get to the heart of the story, in a way that speaks to every single reader. Every novel is a heartbreaking journey which promises the readers big emotion, and delivers on every level. I look forward to three more happy years of being teased by my colleagues for crying at my desk, because I’m editing these beautiful stories.’

Kate says:

‘I’m delighted and honoured to continue to work with Isobel and all the Bookouture team for eight more books. I love Bookouture’s enthusiasm and innovation as a publisher, and working with Isobel has been truly wonderful; she brings so much encouragement and editorial support to every manuscript. I’ve loved getting to know the whole Bookouture team, and I really appreciate all they do for every story they publish. I couldn’t be happier to be writing for them for three more years!’

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Bookouture has strengthened its editorial and marketing teams with five new hires

Sonny Marr has joined as a Commissioning Editor from Arrow, where she spent four years building a fiction list with a focus on digital publishing. Her authors included debut novelists Sophie Cousens and Poorna Bell and she was also part of the team working on brands such as Anthony Horowitz and Tony Parsons.

Marr said,

‘I am hugely excited to be joining Bookouture. They are an inimitable force within the publishing industry, with an innovative ethos that yields exceptional results. I can’t wait to be part of that story.’

Kelsie Marsden has been promoted to Commissioning Editor. She joined Bookouture as a Publishing Executive in August 2019, and swiftly became an invaluable colleague, supporting the audio and submissions team as well as acquiring the much-loved cozy crime author Emma Jameson.

Marsden said,

‘I’m so excited to be taking on the commissioning editor role. I’ve learnt so much from the incredible team here since I started two years ago and I can’t wait to put it all into practice. I’m working with a fantastic list of authors and I’m looking forward to developing their publishing. My tastes are broad and I’m passionate about stories of all kinds. I’m looking for books with that killer hook that will keep me reading ‘just one more chapter’ before bed!’

Both Marr and Marsden will be commissioning widely across the full range of commercial genres, including crime, women’s fiction and historical.

Bookouture has also appointed two new publishing executives, Aimée Walsh and Billi-Dee Jones. Walsh joins from Sage, where she has been working as an editorial assistant; Jones is a recent graduate who has been writing and editing for The Publishing Post and Bad Form.

The marketing team has also expanded with its fourth team member: Octavia Carr has joined as Digital Marketing Executive. She had been an account manager at advertising agency BBH for four years and also runs the Bookstagram Eat, Read, Repeat. 

Publishing Director Ruth Tross said,

‘In its 9 years, Bookouture has sold 45 million books and has grown to become a team of over 40 people; 2020 was our biggest year ever as people turned to the comfort and escape the best books offer. We’re thrilled to be expanding further, and we have exciting plans for the future – in fact, we are looking for more commissioning talent right now!’

Bookouture re-sign contracts with Chouinard and Kane

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Bookouture have re-signed contracts with M.M. Chouinard and Ellery Kane.

Commissioning Editor Sonny Marr has acquired World All Language rights to a new Detective Jo Fournier crime thriller by USA Today bestseller M.M. Chouinard from Lynnette Novak at The Seymour Agency, to publish in May 2022.

Sonny said,
‘I am beyond delighted to have signed a new deal with Michelle. I am a huge fan of her dynamic heroine Jo Fournier, and I know her fans are eagerly anticipating the next novel in the series. A master of her craft, Michelle is one of the best crime fiction writers around. Readers can look forward to another perfectly plotted, super fast-paced novel with Michelle’s signature killer twist!’

Michelle said,

‘I’m absolutely thrilled to continue the Jo Fournier series! I love writing these books and feel so lucky that readers have fallen in love with Jo, too. And I’m beyond excited to be working with Sonny, who has done such amazing work in the industry–I know she’ll help me make Jo be all she can be!’

We are also delighted to announce a new two-book contract with crime author Ellery Kane.

Associate Publisher Helen Jenner signed a world all languages deal, including audio, Film and TV, for two US-set psychological thrillers. Kane has previously published three police procedurals with Bookouture.

Helen said,

‘I’m so happy to have signed a new deal with Ellery Kane. She’s a fantastic writer and her Rockwell and Decker series has been a real treat for crime fans and I think they’re going to love her new direction. Ellery’s plots are fantastically gripping and pacey and she certainly knows how to write a killer twist, so I think psychological thriller readers are going to fall in love with her next two books.’


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to publish two more novels with Bookouture! Working with the Bookouture team has been a dream come true, and I’m excited to partner with my new editor, Helen Jenner, on two stand-alone thrillers. I can’t wait to share these twisty stories with my readers!’

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Bookouture sign contracts with Elliot, Jameson and Chase

More exciting news this week as we re-sign contracts with more of your favourite authors. 

Claire Bord has agreed World All Language rights for a new psychological thriller from bestselling author Laura Elliot. Laura’s books have sold over half a million copies and have repeatedly hit the Amazon Kindle bestseller charts in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. 

Claire said,

‘Laura is an extraordinary writer and the premise of her next book, After the Wedding, explores the story of a woman who witnessed something terrible at a wedding when she was a little girl, and what unfolds when someone comes into her life to set in motion the shocking truth of what happened all those years ago.’

Laura said,

‘I’m looking forward to working once again with Claire, who has proved to be such a thoughtful, insightful editor. My new novel, After the Wedding, is nearing completion. Writing it has been a joy and I’ve been totally absorbed by the power of a recovered memory to change the direction of lives and loves.’

After the Wedding will be published in ebook, paperback and audio in March 2022.

Commissioning Editor Kelsie Marsden has acquired World All Language rights for three new books in the Isles of Scilly-based Jemima Jago cozy mystery series by Emma Jameson. The next two books in the series will be published in 2022, with a third following in the spring of 2023.

Kelsie said,

‘I’m thrilled to be able to continue working with Emma on the Jemima Jago mystery series. She’s created a fantastic cast of characters that readers have loved so far and I know the series is will just grow from here. Emma is endlessly creative; she never fails to surprise me with her plot twists and reveals. Her writing is witty, funny and always sharp. Each time a draft lands in my inbox I know I’m in for a fab read.’

Emma said,

‘I’m over the moon to continue this creative partnership with Bookouture. Kelsie really gets me! She makes excellent suggestions, and the editorial dialogue between us is priceless. I look forward to bringing readers more mysteries and I couldn’t ask for a better team than Bookouture and Kelsie.’

We are also delighted to announce that Publishing Director Ruth Tross has acquired world rights in four new Eve Mallow cozy mysteries from Clare Chase, with books publishing through to 2023.

Ruth said,

We have already sold over 100,000 copies of the Eve Mallow series – readers absolutely love Eve, her dachshund sidekick Gus, and Clare’s ability to craft a perfectly puzzling murder mystery. I’m thrilled to have four more books to look forward to.’

Clare said,

‘I’m so happy and excited to sign this new contract with Bookouture; I can’t wait to continue the series! Ruth’s inspiring input has been invaluable; it’s been a joy to work with her and the whole team.’

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Bookouture re-sign contracts with Ranald and Roberts

SO SUPER EXCITED to share the news that we have re-signed contracts with two of your favourite Bookouture authors.

We’re over the moon to announce that we’ve signed up more books from international bestseller Sophie Ranald.

Associate Publisher Christina Demosthenous acquired World All Language rights for two more hilarious romantic comedies from Alice Saunders of The Soho Agency. They will both be published in 2022.

Sophie Ranald said,

I’m thrilled to be working with Bookouture on a further two novels. The support I’ve received from absolutely everyone in the team has been brilliant but most of all it’s been a privilege and a joy having Christina as my editor. She is insightful, incisive and inspiring and has made me a far better writer.’

Christina Demosthenous said,

‘I will never stop feeling lucky that I get to be Sophie’s editor. A new book from her is always a treat and I genuinely count down the days until I get to edit one. There’s a reason she has legions of fans – she is a master of the rom com! With her latest novel He’s Cancelled hitting the UK Top 100, there is so much to look forward to – and I couldn’t be prouder to be part of the journey!’

We are also delighted to share that we will be publishing two more books from bestselling rom-com author Sue Roberts. Commissioning Editor Emily Gowers acquired World all language rights.

Emily says,

Sue’s love- and laughter-packed rom-coms set in enviable holiday locations never fail to bring out the sun for me! I am so excited to be working with her on more joyful and uplifting tales!’

Sue says,

‘I am more than excited to be continuing my writing journey with the fabulous Emily, and everyone at Bookouture. It’s such a joy whisking readers away to sunny destinations and hope you will join me for some more adventures in the sun.’

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Bookouture sign debut author Danielle Owen-Jones

Photo credit: Russell Colman

Commissioning Editor Emily Gowers acquired World All Language and film and TV rights for two hilarious romantic comedies from Clare Coombes of The Liverpool Literary Agency. Danielle’s debut will publish in April 2022 and is a riotous fish-out-of-water comedy in which Bella goes from Prada to nada when her family’s soup empire goes bust.

Emily said,

‘I asked the universe for something to fill the Schitt’s Creek-shaped hole in my life, and Danielle delivered! This book had me doubled over with laughter, and left me wishing Bella was real so that we could be friends. The next best thing though is to introduce her – and Danielle’s writing – to the world, and I feel so lucky to be doing this!’

Danielle said,

‘Signing with Bookouture has been my real life ‘pinch me, am I dreaming?’ moment! I’m thrilled to launch my debut novel with such a brilliant editor and dynamic publisher, it truly is a dream come true. The Bookouture team’s expertise and insight has already blown me away, and I’m absolutely delighted to be working with Emily, who shares my passion for uplifting romcoms and fabulous Northern settings. This is only the first chapter and I’m already so excited for the journey!’

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Find out where it all began for DK Hood’s Kane and Alton in two new short-read books

We are delighted to announce two exciting new books from USA Today bestselling crime author, D.K. Hood. Associate Publisher Helen Jenner bought world all language rights, including audio and Film & TV, for two short-read books from the Kane and Alton series. Each book tells the backstory of the series’ two main characters. The first book, Lose Your Breath, is the story of Black Rock Falls deputy David Kane. It will publish in September 2021. And Sheriff Alton’s story will publish in February 2022.

Helen Jenner said,

‘I’m really thrilled to be working on these two special books from D.K. Hood. The Kane and Alton series is so loved by fans, and it’s the relationship between the two main characters that keeps readers coming back for more. Both characters have alluded to their secret past lives and now fans are going to find out what really happened before they journeyed to Black Rock Falls and it won’t disappoint!’

D.K. Hood said,

‘I am very excited to be working with Helen and Team Bookouture to bring my readers two exciting prequels to the Detective Kane and Alton crime thriller series. These stories will answer all the questions about Jenna and Dave’s secret pasts.’

Talking about the first book, publishing in September, D.K. Hood said,

‘The story of Deputy David Kane’s life from Black Ops to Black Rock Falls, in Lose My Breath, will be my forever favorite. It contains the rollercoaster ride of heartache and true courage that created the beloved character of Dave Kane.’

And commenting on Jenna Alton’s story, coming in February 2022, D.K. Hood said,

‘My readers often ask me about Sheriff Jenna Alton’s life before Black Rock Falls and what makes her so determined to win against the most heinous serial killers. In this nail-biting prequel, I take you back in time. As undercover DEA Agent Avril Parker, she infiltrates a dangerous cartel. Alone and balancing on a perilous knife’s edge between life and death—she survives battered and bruised but determined to take on the world.’

Pre-order LOSE YOUR BREATH at the links below: