Our Publishing Team

Oliver Rhodes


Managing Director and Founder

I founded Bookouture with a vision to establish the best of a new generation of digital publishers.  After 12 years working in publishing, with commercial fiction authors like Diane Chamberlain, Alex Kava, Debbie Macomber and Victoria Fox, my aim was to take the best of traditional publishing and combine it with smart digital marketing and a global approach to author brands.

Claire Bord Publishing Director Editor Avon Bookouture



My career in publishing started at Michael Joseph, a commercial imprint of Penguin Random House. I then joined HarperCollins Fiction before moving on to run the editorial team at Avon.

Being part of a dynamic and thriving company such as Bookouture is incredibly exciting. I have relished the opportunity to shape the list, working with talented authors and colleagues. As a publisher and editor, the thrill of discovering a new writer never gets old. To be able to nurture and grow these writers into repeat bestsellers – that is the biggest thrill of all.



I started my career in marketing, but since 2008 I have edited and published commercial fiction, first at Pan Macmillan and then at Penguin Random House, where I ran Arrow, the commercial paperback imprint of the Cornerstone division. I’m joined Bookouture in 2017, and am looking for new fiction across all commercial genres, including crime fiction, psychological suspense, women’s fiction and reading group fiction.


Data and Insights Director

Having spent almost ten years in traditional publishing – creating bespoke data systems/reports and providing analysis and insight – it was a simple decision in Feb 2016 to take the opportunity of joining the ground-breaking & innovative team at Bookouture. The numbers speak for themselves!


Digital Operations Manager

I spent 15 years specialising in digital operations before I joined Bookouture in 2017 – beginning in the music industry at Warner Music International and Sanctuary Records, before gravitating to the world of books at Harlequin and supporting a vast number of different publishers at Virtusales (Biblio). I’m delighted to have found a home here at Bookouture. The folks here are without a doubt the most encouraging, inspiring and innovative team of people I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of.

My work here is very much focused on distributing data and creating and improving systems, so that our team can provide the best possible support to our authors and readers.


Head of Talent, Contracts and Rights

I joined Bookouture in February 2017 after 28 years in publishing, both as a publisher and as an agent with LAW Ltd. Commercial fiction has always been my passion and in 2012 I set up and ran LAW’s digital author publishing list, creating some notable Kindle bestsellers in the process, including Tracy Bloom, Tilly Tennant, Emma Davies and Sophie Ranald.

When Bookouture asked me to join their hugely successful team, it was an obvious and very exciting next step. Here, I manage the submissions process, working with authors both through agents and directly, to develop their work and find the perfect editorial home amongst our brilliant team. I also handle the contractual process and liaise with the trade press to spread the word about why we are changing the face of publishing.


Head of Digital Marketing

I joined Bookouture in August 2016, having previously worked in digital marketing and digital project management, both within traditional publishing at Orion and outside the industry. I believe Bookouture is challenging the existing publishing model and the chance to work in such a dynamic and forward-thinking environment was too good to pass up.


head of Publicity

I have run my successful book blog Kim the Bookworm since 2009, and have read and reviewed thousands of books for publishers and authors. In 2015, after working in PR, sales and marketing for 24 years, I took the leap into full-time publishing and am delighted to be part of the awesome team at Bookouture, sharing our amazing books and authors with the world. I am now absolutely living my dream!


Publicity and Social Media Manager

I have run an award-winning book blog, CrimeBookJunkie, for a little over two years now but my passion for reading and reviewing spans decades! I have had freelance experience as a manuscript advisor as well as running my own publicity services company for a time.

I had worked in criminal justice for over 18 years when a dream-come-true opportunity to work in publishing arose and I leapt at the chance. I am thrilled to be working at Bookouture and I am really excited to be able to share all the amazing books and authors and spread the #BookLove everywhere!


Managing Editor

I worked in non-fiction publishing after completing an invaluable MA in Publishing. I joined the Bookouture team in 2018 and love working closely with authors to make their books the best they can be.


Publishing Director

I joined Bookouture in 2018 to pursue my passion for digital publishing. I have published everything from romance to psychological thrillers, and her authors have included bestsellers Lucy Dawson, Jill Childs, Linda Green and Tracy Rees. I love twisty thrillers, family epics, backstabbing best friends and clandestine affairs. Two of my dream authors to publish would be Jodi Picoult and Liane Moriarty. I am originally from San Francisco, California but have lived in the UK for more than a decade.


Publishing Director

Before joining Bookouture in spring 2019 I was the crime and thriller publisher at Hodder, where I worked with authors including Angela Clarke, Jeffery Deaver, Sabine Durrant, Erin Kelly and Vaseem Khan. I’m always on the hunt for a brilliant twist, an intriguing detective or a standout hook, as well as reading group and women’s fiction that makes you laugh, cry and think. I’m so excited to have the chance to find new authors for Bookouture’s bestselling and market-leading list.

Lydia Vassar-Smith Editor Bookouture


Associate Publisher

After working on a variety of bestselling authors at Transworld, Michael Joseph and Avon, I joined the Bookouture team in 2015 and have never looked back. Patricia Gibney, K.L. Slater and Carol Wyer are just a few of the authors I publish at Bookouture and I’m actively on the lookout for fabulous storytelling with a brilliant hook.


Associate Publisher

Prior to joining Bookouture in 2017, I’d been lucky enough to work in commercial fiction publishing for ten years. Previously I’ve commissioned commercial fiction at Avon, HarperCollins and Pan Macmillan, working with bestselling digital and print authors. My role as Associate Publisher really is a dream job. Bookouture are market leaders in commercial fiction – and with such a creative and supportive team it’s not hard to see why.

Shalini Boland, Sarah A. Denzil and Jenny Hale are just a few of the bestselling authors I publish at Bookouture. I’m actively acquiring standout, gripping commercial fiction, books with an unforgettable hook and stories that will stay with you long after you turn the final page


Associate Publisher

Before joining the Bookouture team in 2017, I had worked with a wide variety of bestselling women’s fiction and crime writers as an editor at Hodder & Stoughton; subsequently in digital sales for Hachette UK, and then running the UK eBook store for Kobo. Working for Bookouture means I can bring together my editorial and retail experience with a view to seek out the best in commercial fiction and crime thrillers.


Associate Publisher

After seven years working as a literary agent for Janklow & Nesbit UK, I joined the Bookouture team to pursue my passion for commercial fiction with the best of the best in digital publishing.

As an editor, I’m always on the lookout for stand-out voices and original storytelling. The books I love have clever plots, ingenious hooks and always, always, a compelling protagonist with an unforgettable voice. Crime thrillers, psychological suspense, book-club and women’s fiction, for me it’s about smart, commercial ideas with big ambition.


Associate Publisher

I joined Bookouture after four years at Headline, where I commissioned across the fiction and non-fiction lists. My taste is eclectic and I’m excited to channel this into publishing a variety of genres. I’m just as gripped by an uplifting rom-com as I am by a razor-sharp psychological thriller and I’m always on the lookout for stories that make me cry with laughter or gasp in shock. I love books that are bursting with secrets and lies, whether I’m left feeling warm and fuzzy or watching my back!


Commissioning Editor

Before joining Bookouture in 2017, I worked as Digital Publishing Manager at Penguin Random House, working with bestselling authors and launching new digital products under the Penguin brand. I came to Bookouture with a passion for digital publishing that has grown and grown and I am privileged to work with a team of brilliantly talented people in a job that fuels both my creative side and my rather nerdy love of data. And I have built a list of brilliant commercial fiction authors, all bringing their own passion to their books, which I am truly proud to publish. I’m always looking for new voices – gripping crime thrillers, psychological thrillers that knock my socks off with a killer twist or a women’s fiction title that warms the cockles or has me weeping as I turn the pages.


Commissioning Editor

Before joining the team at Bookouture, I was at Simon & Schuster, where I worked with bestselling authors including Rupi Kaur, Paige Toon, Rachel Hore and Lisa Cutts. I am also a co-founder of Pride in Publishing, the new networking group for LGBTQ people working with books.

I’m delighted to join Bookouture, where I’m looking forward to building a list. Above all I look for character, and I particularly love the quirkier side of reading group fiction, as well as a flawed detective in a police procedural, crime with a strong sense of place and sweeping historical fiction.


Commissioning Editor

I worked at Lucas Alexander Whitley Literary Agency for three years before joining Bookouture in 2017. Now as Commissioning Editor I can’t wait to add more bestsellers to our list. I’m passionate about twisty commercial fiction, the biggest hooks and the best new writing.


commissioning editor

I have previously worked in educational publishing at HarperCollins and, after spending some time outside publishing, I was thrilled to be offered the Publishing Executive role. The focus on quality commercial fiction and the intelligent and ambitious approach to every step of the publishing process makes Bookouture an exciting place to be, and I’m delighted to be working alongside the brilliant team.


commissioning editor

After two years at Headline, I am thrilled to be continuing my passion for publishing bestselling commercial fiction at Bookouture. From swoon-worthy romance to gripping psychological suspense, I adore books with tension, twists and above all a satisfying ending.

cara chimirri

commissioning editor

I began my publishing career in a sales role at HarperCollins, before moving to the editorial team at HQ where I commissioned for HQ Digital. I am passionate about digital publishing and the kind of addictive, page turning fiction that you just can’t help but recommended to everyone you know. I am absolutely thrilled to have joined the team at Bookouture and to have the chance to create more digital bestsellers with this amazing team!

I am always looking for crime and thriller with an unforgettable twist and sweeping historical fiction that will capture readers’ imaginations. I also love high-concept book club and women’s fiction that makes you look at the world slightly differently.
Natalie Butlin editor publishing bookouture writing


Commercial Manager

After an invaluable year in marketing at Bookouture I became a commissioning editor, and published bestsellers such as The Little French Guesthouse, Bad Little Girl and The Summer House. I loved the role, but became the commercial manager as I wanted to use my experience to do what I feel makes Bookouture the best publisher around – optimising live books to give each one the best chance of success.

Previously, I have worked as an assistant agent at Christine Green, and a creative writing tutor and editorial assistant at The Complete Creative Writing Course.


Digital Marketing Executive

After graduating with a degree in chemistry, I decided to pursue a career in marketing as I love approaching tasks with a balance of creative and logical problem solving. Whilst new to publishing, I have previously worked in various digital marketing environments including ad agencies and online retail.

I love the variety of books we get to work with and the fast-paced environment – I’m learning something new every day!


Publishing Executive

Before coming to Bookouture I had the pleasure of completing a Creative Writing MA and running a successful writing blog, both of which have given me an extra dose of empathy for the writers I work with. As part of this team, I have enjoyed the opportunity to support titles that have gone on to become huge bestsellers and love working with such smart, enthusiastic people – team members and authors alike!

When it comes to reading, I love commercial fiction that stays with me, whether it’s a thriller that leaves me gasping at the ending, a romance that truly pulls on the heart strings or a story with a compelling fantastical element. I am also hugely passionate about books written by or featuring diverse voices, across the whole spectrum of diversity.


Publishing Executive

I began my career in publishing at Orion, then moved to Hodder & Stoughton, where I worked with authors such as David Nicholls, Erin Kelly, Sabine Durrant and Angela Clarke. I joined Bookouture in 2019, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to build a list of standout commercial fiction, and to be working with such talented authors and colleagues.


Publishing Executive

A proud alumnus of Hachette’s Fresh Chapters Trainee Scheme, I look forward to growing within Bookouture’s wonderful and forward-thinking editorial team. I am very passionate about books that feature diverse narratives and look forward to publishing many such stories over the course of my career. I absolutely love gripping, page-turning crime fiction and cannot wait to immerse myself in this world as Publishing Executive!


Publishing Executive

After starting my publishing career in rights at Penguin Random House, I was thrilled to join Bookouture in Summer 2019 as Publishing Executive. I am interested in books across all genres and I am especially drawn to emotional, powerful stories with strong atmospheric writing. I look forward to building my career in editorial with such a talented and forward-thinking team.


Publishing Executive

I began my career in education publishing where I project edited a range of print and digital titles before moving to Bookouture in 2019. Working with such a dynamic and forward-thinking team has been an amazing experience. I love reading both fiction and non-fiction across a range of genres, though my favourite has to be psychological suspense and romantic uplit.

Kelsie Marsden

Publishing Executive

I joined Bookouture in Summer 2019 after previously working in lifestyle publishing and then fashion. I am passionate about stories of all kinds and I look for books that make me feel something, whether that’s a nail-biting crime thriller or a heartwarming rom-com. I am excited to grow my career within such an innovative and talented team!