Bookouture - digital publisher of brilliant fiction

Our Mission

At Bookouture we have a vision of being the best of the new generation of digital publishers.  For us ‘best’ doesn’t mean biggest – it means making the biggest difference to our authors.

We focus on a small number of books – because attention to detail is essential for great publishing.  We want each of our authors to be a bestseller – so we treat them like one.

Think of us as a high end boutique publisher.  Book couture.


Our Values

Add value

The focus behind everything that we do is to add value to our authors.  We believe that is core to any publisher’s business.  We do that through everything from great editing to awesome cover design.

Bespoke publishing

Everything that we do is tailored for our authors.  There are no templates, no shortcuts.  Your writing is unique and to do it justice, our approach needs to be too.

Detail is important

In digital publishing, the detail is important.  We do everything we can to ensure that every last detail is perfect.

Be Creative

Whether it’s a book cover, website or metadata – we aim for an element of originality.  In a competitive market you need to stand out to get noticed.

Be Commercial

Our aim is effective creativity.  Great design doesn’t just look pretty – it works.  The goal of our publishing is to maximise our authors’ income and we work hard to achieve that.

Be Collaborative

We involve our authors in the publishing process.  We listen.  We’re always looking to improve, so feedback is important to us.


Digital publishing doesn’t stop once a book is published.  We’re always looking for ways to improve performance and boost sales, whether a book was published last week, or last year.  We make changes, we measure what works, we make smart decisions.


So much has changed with digital publishing and marketing that no-one has all the answers.  We aim to answer the questions one by one – to learn every day – and to get better at what we do.

Have fun

We love our work.  We believe this is the most exciting time ever for publishing, and we’re going to enjoy every second.  Well, most of them anyway.