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We believe that the best publishing happens with great care, creativity and attention to detail.

That means a clear vision for an author supported by the best editing, cover design, marketing, publicity.  That means doing everything well – including the details, like metadata and pricing.  That means optimising over time, and promoting titles well after publication month.

We focus on quality over quantity.  We publish a small number of very talented authors so that we can focus on the detail and create brilliant books that sell.  We aim to add value every step of the way.


How do we add value to authors?

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  • At Bookouture, their collaborative atmosphere allowed me to grow as a writer, expand on my ideas, and produce a kind of work that exceeded my expectations. The publishing process at Bookouture is extraordinary, and I could not be happier with their choices for me.

    Jenny Hale
    Jenny HaleContemporary Romance author
  • I have been with other publishers but with Bookouture, this is the first time I've actually felt appreciated as a writer and not just 'another author'. It's also the first time I've ever had a publisher understand how I saw my books and career growing. Oliver Rhodes listened carefully, understood where I was coming from and suggested a few routes, always making sure I was comfortable with our joint decisions.  He keeps me posted about everything and he's come up with great titles and covers and I know he really gets my work.  Also, my editor, Emily Ruston, is a dream to work with. She makes my stories really shine!

    Nancy Barone
    Nancy BaroneWomen's Fiction Author
  • The day Bookouture agreed to publish my book was the day my luck turned. They have been a fantastic publisher to work with; doing far more than any publisher would be expected to. They have been with me at every stage of the process from manuscript to publication, providing me with a wonderful editor, designing and maintaining my website for me, helping me navigate the maze that is social media. The cover they created for my book fills me with awe every time I look at it. And they answer and deal with any queries I might have however big or small, however silly.

    Renita D'Silva
    Renita D'SilvaWomen's Fiction Author
  • Being part of the Bookouture family means I have the support and guidance of a very professional and experienced publishing team. Having had previous experience of self-publishing, I appreciate how much work goes into the marketing of a book. Bookouture have done a fantastic job with ‘The French for Love’, from editing to cover design, setting up a website for me and handling the launch, and now keeping me up-to-date with the latest exciting progress regarding sales. It can be lonely and daunting being a new author, but with Bookouture I have a knowledgeable, helpful and friendly team behind me, helping me every step of the way.

    Fiona Valpy
    Fiona ValpyWomen's Fiction Author
  • I’ve always known what I wanted in a publisher: a shared passion for my stories as well as the industry expertise, clear vision and high standards to bring the best out of my series. Equally important was the personal touch – first-rate communication and a supportive and personable team who genuinely care and value me as an author. I found exactly what I wanted with Bookouture – and more. Outstanding cover designs and hands-on social media guidance that’s not only a step above but also a step ahead, has been just one part of their exceptional personalised approach to my Blackthorn series. And with exciting and dynamic marketing strategies that really work, they continue to work hard and effectively for me as an author. I’m thrilled to be working with them.

    Lindsay J. Pryor
    Lindsay J. PryorParanormal Romance Author

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