Bookouture sign crime thriller author Roberta Gately

We’re over the moon to announce that Roberta Gately is joining Bookouture!

Commissioning Editor Maisie Lawrence acquired world rights for three novels in a thrilling new crime series by Roberta Gately from Cynthia Manson at Cynthia Manson Literary Agency. Roberta is an award-winning novelist and a bestseller in Italy. Her first novel with Bookouture will publish in November 2020.

Boston ER Nurse Jessie Novak is a gutsy and brilliant heroine and, accompanied by her detective pal Sam Dallas, they make an unstoppable pair. On a bitter Boston winter’s night, when a young woman is rushed to the hospital with a terrible gunshot wound, Jessie knows something isn’t right… But it’ll be up to her to find the killer.

Maisie said,

Roberta’s books are packed full of heart-racing suspense, fascinating characters you will root for and a setting everyone will love. I read Roberta’s totally gripping novel in just a couple of hours and I can’t wait to get her books into readers’ hands!’  

Roberta said,

‘I’m so excited to have signed a three-book deal with Bookouture, a company I’ve so admired for its support of its talented authors and the fabulous books they publish. I am just getting to know my editor, Maisie, and I love her already! Her vision and insights for my books are just what I’d hoped for. I’m looking forward to our collaboration and an exciting future with the Bookouture family!’

Cynthia added,

‘Roberta’s female heroine, Jessie Novak is a nurse who is brave, caring and intuitive when it comes to solving crimes, qualities that all readers can admire. The editorial process at Bookouture has been extremely impressive to my authors.’

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Bookouture sign self-published author Ellie Midwood

We’re delighted to be welcoming self-published author Ellie Midwood to Bookouture.

Associate Publisher Christina Demosthenous acquired World All Language rights for two World War Two historical novels by Ellie, whose self-published hits include her Women and the Holocaust books The Indigo Rebels series.

The first title in the contract, The Violinist of Auschwitz, tells the unforgettable, heartbreaking and inspiring true story of Almá Rose, a violin player in Auschwitz’s female orchestra. It will be published in November 2020, followed by another moving and poignant World War Two tale in March 2021.

Christina says,

‘There is so much to love about The Violinist of Auschwitz, I barely know where to start! It is a beautifully spun novel, based on one of the most incredible heroines I have ever come across. Her fearlessness, bravery and spirit make for a remarkable tale, showing that even in the very darkest of times, love is worth fighting for. It will make you weep and it will make your heart soar. I am so honoured to be publishing it and working with the amazing Ellie.’

Ellie says,

‘I am beyond excited to become a part of the Bookouture family! Christina’s enthusiasm for our upcoming project was so contagious, I immediately threw myself into work and have become completely obsessed with telling our brave heroine’s story to the world. I truly couldn’t wish for a better editor; not only does Christina share my vision, but allows me artistic freedom, which has always been extremely important to me as an author. I’m so very grateful for everything she’s done for me so far and I’m already looking forward to our further collaboration. I heard only wonderful things about Bookouture from my fellow authors and now I understand and share their excitement. Christina and her marvellous team made me feel welcome and at home and I already can’t wait to bring the fruits of our joined labour to the readers.’

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Please do join us on Facebook and Twitter to celebrate.

Bookouture sign award-winning author Maegan Beaumont

We are thrilled to be welcoming award-winning author Maegan Beaumont to the Bookouture family. Commissioning Editor Emily Gowers acquired world all language rights, including audio, film and TV, to the first three books in Beaumont’s new Fell and McNamara romantic suspense series.

Set on atmospheric Angel Bay Island off the coast of Michigan, the first book follows stubborn ex-military policewoman Georgia Fell. A surprise inheritance has forced Georgia to return to her hometown, but when her foster sibling is found dead, she realises there is more danger on the island than her history with Lincoln McNamara…

Emily said,

‘I am Maegan-Beaumont-fan number one and I could not be more excited to be working with her on this new series! Maegan’s writing is amazing – full of pace, meticulously detailed characters, gripping crime and perfectly judged romantic chemistry. I defy anyone to put this book down once they’ve started.’

Maegan said,

‘To be a part of the Bookouture publishing family is literally a dream come true for me! I can’t wait for my readers—those who’ve been with me for years, as well as those I’ve yet to find—to get their hands on my latest series. I hope you’re as excited for Georgia and Lincoln’s story as I am, because their story is going to be everything you’ve come to expect from me and much, much more.’

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Bookouture sign bestselling author Carey Baldwin

We are delighted to share the news that Bookouture has acquired two psychological thrillers from bestselling author Carey Baldwin. Associate Publisher Lucy Dauman acquired World All Language rights, from Liza Dawson at Liza Dawson Associates.

The first book, Wish You Were Gone, will be published in 2021, and follows Winifred Thornton, a shy young woman whose timid façade masks a terrible childhood trauma. When Winnie’s colleague goes missing, she fears that it might have been her fault – and that her past is catching up with her.

Lucy says,

‘I am beyond thrilled to be welcoming Carey Baldwin to the Bookouture family and publishing her outstanding psychological thrillers. Carey’s writing is tense, pacy and utterly unputdownable – she knows exactly how to grab the reader from the first page and keep them in her thrall as she delivers twist after mind-blowing twist. Thriller fans are going to be totally addicted to Wish You Were Gone, and I can’t wait to work with Carey and Liza on bringing her stories to readers everywhere.’

Carey says,

‘I am thrilled to be publishing my next two books with Bookouture! I discovered Bookouture by reading authors such as Lisa Regan, Angela Marsons and more. I was impressed with Bookouture’s spot-on marketing, which helped me, as a reader, find great novels and fantastic writers. When I had a chance to speak to Lucy Dauman, I connected with her right away. She really understood where I wanted to go with my story and knew exactly how to help me get there. I can’t wait to have Lucy as my editor and to work with the great team at Bookouture!’

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Bookouture sign bestselling self-published crime author Roger Stelljes

We are thrilled to announce that Commissioning Editor Ellen Gleeson has signed a World All Languages deal for three novels in the Agent Tori Hunter crime thriller series with self-published author Roger Stelljes.

Winner of the Midwest Independent Book Publishers award for commercial fiction, Roger has sold over 700,000 copies of his New York Times and USA Today bestselling McRyan Mystery series. Silenced Girls, the first in the Agent Tori Hunter series, has previously been published by the author, and will be re-launched with a new cover look in November this year. Two more books will follow in 2021.

Ellen says,

‘The second I read the opening pages of Silenced Girls, I knew I was in for a rollercoaster ride. Agent Tori Hunter grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let me go until I’d experienced all the twists and turns of this fiendishly clever and atmospheric mystery right along with her. With his impressive track record, Roger knows exactly what crime readers want. I’m looking forward to giving Silenced Girls a Bookouture makeover, kick-start this new series and take Roger’s publishing to exciting new heights.’

Roger says,

‘I am excited to partner with Bookouture on a three-book deal for the Tori Hunter series. I really felt that their collaborative and proactive publishing model was an ideal fit to reach new readers. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Ellen Gleeson. Many thanks to Ellen and the entire Bookouture team for their warm welcome and the invaluable support they have and will continue to provide every step along the way!’

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Bookouture re-sign contracts with Chouinard, Sanderson and Bright

We have such exciting news to share today about new contracts that we have signed with some of our existing authors. 

We are thrilled to share that we will be publishing two more books from bestseller M.M. Chouinard. Publishing Executive Leodora Darlington acquired World all language rights.

Leodora says,

‘It’s been so wonderful following Detective Jo Fournier’s journey from book to book and watching Michelle’s readership grow at the same time. Michelle’s expertise in psychology really shines through in her strong character writing; her killers and their motives always fascinate me. Her writing continues to go from strength to strength; I couldn’t be more excited about the plans she has for her next thrillers and cannot wait to work on more of Michelle’s brilliant books. Readers are in for a treat!’

Michelle says,

‘Signing on with Bookouture is the smartest choice I ever made. In the last year my debut novel sold better than I could have imagined and hit the USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller’s lists, and my series is off to an incredible start! That would never have happened without the skill, knowledge, and support that Leodora and the rest of the team brought to the series, and I am so grateful for that! I’m very excited about signing on again for another Jo Fournier book, and for a standalone that will allow me to bring something a little different to my readers.

We are also thrilled to share that we will be publishing another book from bestselling psychological thriller author Lesley Sanderson. Commissioning Editor Therese Keating acquired World English language rights from Hayley Steed at the Madeleine Milburn Agency.

Therese says,

‘I’m so happy to be publishing another psychological thriller with Lesley. Her writing is going from strength to strength, with her gripping plots grabbing you from the very first page. Lesley’s new book is her most imaginative and exciting yet, and I can’t wait for us to share it with readers!’

Lesley says,

‘I’m thrilled to be signing this new deal with Bookouture – I get to work on another psychological thriller with my editor Therese who makes editing an enjoyable experience and with the rest of the Bookouture team who always give brilliant input. Thanks for the opportunity to share more of my stories, and to the readers who make it all worthwhile.’

We’re also SUPER EXCITED to share the news that we have re-signed Verity Bright! Commissioning Editor Maisie Lawrence acquired world rights for two new historical cozy mysteries, publishing November 2020 and February 2021.

Maisie Lawrence says,

‘Verity Bright’s fun, glamorous and puzzling whodunnits are exactly what we need right now. I absolutely love their main character – Lady Eleanor Swift – and cannot wait to dive into more mysterious 1920s adventures with her! I’m so excited to be publishing our first Christmas mystery with these talented authors who are already building a strong fanbase with our cozy readers.’

Verity Bright says,

We have had so much fun writing the Lady Swift series and Bookouture have been such a fantastic publisher that re-signing with them to write another two books in the series is simply wonderful.

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Laura Deacon moves to Bookouture; Peta Nightingale promoted

We have some super exciting news to share with you today.

Laura Deacon, currently Editorial Director at Amazon Publishing, will join Bookouture in August as Publishing Director.

Deacon started her publishing career as editor at HarperCollins’ Blue Door imprint, where she worked with authors included Maggie Shipstead, Lars Kepler and Anne Berry. She moved to Cornerstone in 2014, where she ran the Windmill paperback imprint, working with authors including Helen Dumore, James Ellroy and Carys Bray, as well as acquiring and publishing the non-fiction bestseller which accompanied the Netflix series Making a Murderer.

Deacon moved to Amazon Publishing in 2017 where she has acquired bestsellers Anna Ellory and Tina Seskis, as well as publishing Mark Edwards and Damien Boyd, and launching the publisher’s non-fiction list in the UK.

In her new role, Deacon will manage one of Bookouture’s three fiction editorial teams and will report to Jenny Geras, who takes on the role of Bookouture’s Managing Director in July of this year.

Geras said of the move:

Laura is literally the perfect person to take on this role. She is a brilliant digital publisher and an excellent people manager and I can’t wait to work with her.’

Deacon said,

‘I’m delighted to be joining Jenny and the exceptional team at Bookouture. Over the last few years they have seen fantastic growth, publishing debut authors with creativity and flair, creating many home-grown bestsellers. I’m hugely excited to be a part of their continued success.’

Bookouture has also announced the promotion of Peta Nightingale to Contracts, Rights and Author Development Director.

Jenny Geras said of Nightingale’s promotion:

‘Peta has been with Bookouture for three and a half years, and is an indispensable member of both the team, and Bookouture’s leadership team. She is responsible for our entire author onboarding and contracts process, as well as managing our submissions, author communications and acting as a point of liaison with Little, Brown’s rights team to sell our authors in translation. Peta also made the brilliant acquisition of cosy crime writer Betty Rowlands, who has now sold more than 350,000 copies for Bookouture.’

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Bookouture sign bestselling author Liz Lawler

We are absolutely thrilled to share the news that Bookouture has acquired two new psychological thrillers from bestselling author Liz Lawler. Commissioning Editor Cara Chimirri acquired World English rights, including audio, from Rory Scarfe at The Blair Partnership.

Don’t Wake Up (twenty7), Liz’s chilling, pacey and completely addictive debut, published in 2017 and has now sold over 300,000 copies. This was followed by I’ll Find You (Zaffre) in 2019.

Liz’s third novel will publish in November 2020 and is a heart-stopping, dark and twisted story of what really goes on in a marriage behind closed doors. We meet Tess, who has been swept off her feet by Daniel in a whirlwind romance. But when Daniel makes a terrible mistake and lets Tess take the fall for it, she suddenly doesn’t recognise the man she married. She is now caught in a deadly game she didn’t realise she was playing. Liz’s fourth book will follow in May 2021.

Cara Chimirri said,

‘I am beyond excited to be working with Liz on her next two phenomenal psychological thrillers. Liz truly is a master of the genre. She knows exactly what readers want and just how to keep them guessing! I know that readers will be held totally in thrall by these next two books and can’t wait to get these stories into the hands of thriller fans everywhere.’

Liz Lawler said,

‘I am delighted to be taking this new journey with Bookouture to write two new books. Their warm welcome has already made me feel at home!’

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Bookouture sign bestselling author Cate Woods

We are over the moon to share the news that Publishing Director Kathryn Taussig has acquired World rights including audio from Rowan Lawton at The Soho Agency for three books in a new women’s fiction series from bestselling author Cate Woods.

The first book in the series will publish in Spring 2021 and is set around the beautiful town of Tansy Falls, Vermont. Ellie, a shy bookkeeper from London, must fly to the States to scatter the ashes of her best friend Megan in Tansy Falls, the town Megan loved most in the world. Little does Ellie know, but Megan has left her friend a bucket list to complete in her memory full of tasks to immerse Ellie in the Tansy Falls community and push her out her comfort zone for the first time in her life. Books two and three in the series will be published later in the year and will also be set in scenic Tansy Falls.

Kathryn said,

‘I am overjoyed to be publishing Cate again. Her writing is gorgeous and moving and always makes me laugh – I could read her books all day! I’ve really missed working with her and I think she’s a perfect fit for the Bookouture list. This series has real international bestseller potential and Cate’s warm, lovely tone reminds me of the best of Robyn Carr and Debbie Macomber. I can’t wait until readers get the chance to visit Tansy Falls!’

Cate said,

‘I am delighted to be releasing my next three novels with Bookouture and can’t wait to introduce readers to the town Tansy Falls. I’m a huge fan of Bookouture, whose innovative model and dynamic marketing are the future of publishing, and couldn’t be happier to be joining their family of writers (I’m already one of their loyal readers!). I’m particularly thrilled to be reunited with Kathryn Taussig, who was the first editor to take a chance on my novels, and whose ass-kicking editorial brilliance can turn a good book into a truly fantastic one.’

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Bookouture re-sign contracts with Tilly Tennant and Alys Murray

We are delighted to announce that we have re-signed contracts with Tilly Tennant and Alys Murray.  

We are thrilled to share that we will be publishing three more books from eBook bestseller Tilly Tennant. Associate Publisher Lydia Vassar Smith acquired World English language rights from Madeleine Milburn at the Madeleine Milburn Agency.

Lydia said,

‘This contract is for Tilly’s eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth books with Bookouture. What a journey it has been. Tilly’s writing has gone from strength to strength – she is wonderful to work for and has such imaginative ideas for her books. Her army of fans is ever-increasing and I feel honoured to work with her.’

Tilly said,

‘I absolutely love working with Lydia and the team at Bookouture and I’m so thankful for their continued support. I can’t wait to get started on three more novels with them!’

We’re also delighted to share that Commissioning Editor Emily Gowers has acquired world rights including audio in two new small-town romances by author Alys Murray from Rebecca Angus of Golden Wheat Literary Agency.

Emily says,

‘Reading Alys’s novels feels like cosying up with your favourite Cary Grant film. With every book I read become more and more caught up in the charm of her picture-perfect towns, modern heroines and sadly tortured heroes. I already feel as though the Anderson sisters are my best friends, and I cannot wait to work on more of these wonderful books with Alys!’

Alys says,

‘Working with Bookouture has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in the publishing world, and I’m so honored to be working with them again. I am so excited to be sharing more of these stories with the world, and even more excited that I get to do it with Emily and the rest of the wonderful Bookouture team!’

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Bookouture re-sign contracts with two of your favourite authors

Renita D'Silva Indian Fiction Author

We’re SUPER EXCITED to share the news that we have re-signed contracts with two more of your favourite authors. 

Commissioning Editor Maisie Lawrence acquired World English Language rights, excluding audio, from literary agent Lorella Belli at the Lorella Belli Literary Agency Ltd. The new deal is for two more sweeping historical fiction novels from top-10 Amazon bestselling author Renita D’Silva!

Maisie says,

‘Renita’s books always take my breath away. She knows how to craft stories that really tug on your heartstrings – her novels always make me cry! She’s a huge hit with our readers and I know that they will love this new story which is packed full of hidden secrets and heartbreaking decisions that echo down the generations. I am truly blessed to be her editor and can’t wait to publish these new books!’

Renita says, 

‘When Oliver Rhodes at Bookouture took me on, he made the seemingly impossible dreams of a girl who grew up in a tiny village in India come true, thus giving hope to and inspiring everyone from my childhood village and similar villages all over India. Seven years and nine books later I am humbled, overwhelmed and exhilarated to be signing a new contract with Bookouture. I am beyond thrilled to be working with Maisie, one of the best editors one could wish for. Thank you so much to Lorella Belli, my wonderful agent, for bringing this about.’

Lorella Belli adds,

‘Renita is one of the very first authors signed up by Bookouture and we are delighted to continue with this successful partnership. Renita’s many readers and publishers around the world will be pleased to have two more novels by her.’

In other fabulous news, Commissioning Editor Ellen Gleeson has signed a World All Languages deal for another Italy-set timesplit historical novel direct with the author.

Scheduled for September 2020, the deal sees Bookouture take over publishing of Angela’s self-published title Now and Then in Tuscany. A brand new cover and title will be revealed in summer this year. The story follows a young boy uncovering the secrets, joys and hardships of his great-grandfather’s life in rural Tuscany; and was inspired by true stories of Tuscan life and history.

Ellen says,

‘It’s been an absolute joy to see Angela’s publishing go from strength to strength with The Tuscan Secret and The Tuscan Girl. The new book has all the ingredients that make Angela’s writing so special: incredibly beautiful and evocative descriptions of the lush Italian countryside; the secrets and complexities of family relationships; and impeccably researched and rich historical details. Giving this stunning story a Bookouture makeover feels like the perfect next step, and I can’t wait to help bring it to even more of Angela’s fans.’

Angela says, 

‘I am thrilled to have Bookouture accept another of my stories. With their backing and encouragement, my writing wings are unfurling and strengthening. This particular novel is very dear to my heart as it is a kind of record of a way-of-life that was vitally important to the people in the area where we live. The practice of driving sheep and cattle from the mountains to the Tuscan Maremma coastline died down in the 50s. But the stories and memories live on. I am still pinching myself that I am part of the Bookouture family. Thank you so much.’

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Bookouture re-sign contracts with Ranald and Bailey

We are DELIGHTED to share some brilliant news with you today.  

We’re excited to be publishing more books from bestseller Sophie Ranald.  Associate Publisher Christina Demosthenous acquired World All Language rights for two more romantic comedies from Alice Saunders of The Soho Agency. The first book will be published in November this year, followed by another in May 2021.

Christina says, 

‘I couldn’t be prouder to be Sophie’s editor. It has been such a joy watching her books take the charts by storm and it is such a thrill publishing them. I love how she constantly pushing the boundaries of romantic comedies, never shying from big, topical issues, as well as bringing a guaranteed smile to readers’ faces and providing non-stop LOLs. A Sophie Ranald rom-com really is the full package!’

Sophie says,

‘My time as a Bookouture author has been an incredible journey that’s seen my books succeed beyond my wildest dreams. Every aspect of their publishing – from cover design to marketing to an editorial process that improves my writing beyond measure – is superb. I’m over the moon to be working with Christina and the brilliant team at Bookouture on two new romantic comedies.’

Christina has also acquired World All Language and audio rights to two more hilarious, relatable and zeitgeisty romantic comedies by Kristen Bailey, publishing in 2021.

Christina says,

‘Hot on the heels of Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?’s runaway success, I’m so thrilled to be publishing more novels by Kristen. There’s a reason that the book is still in the bestseller chart months later. She is genuinely laugh-out-loud hilarious (just look at all the 5-star Amazon reviews!) – the kind of funny that gives you a belly ache – and her writing is so relatable, resonating with anyone who has a family, or has gone through a break up, or who is living the single life. She never fails to make me smile, and I can’t think of a better tonic for these strange old times.’

Kristen says,

‘When I joined Bookouture, I said it was like walking in on the best party, ever. Well, I’m just pleased the party’s still ongoing. It’s a complete joy working with the team here: at every stage of the process there’s an amazing amount of warmth and camaraderie in how they encourage and support their authors. Special thanks to my editor, Christina Demosthenous. Looking forward to writing more funny stories and being told off for all my swearing…’’

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Bookouture sign suspense author Laura Wolfe

We are delighted to announce that Hannah Bond has acquired World All Language rights for three standalone novels by suspense author Laura Wolfe.

The first book, to be published in August 2020, is set in rural Michigan, and follows isolated widow Gloria as she welcomes new tenants to join her on her land, only to discover that she doesn’t really know the people she’s been living with. Laura’s second book will be published in November 2020 and the third in March 2021.

Hannah said,

‘I could not be more thrilled to be welcoming Laura to the Bookouture family. Since I started working with her I have been so impressed by her talent and passion for her writing: I know that readers are going to be totally gripped by her compelling, atmospheric novels and become invested in her complex characters. She’s a very special author and it’s been a pleasure to work with her on these dark, involving books – I can’t wait to publish them.’

Laura said,

‘Signing a three-book deal with Bookouture has been a dream come true! Working with Hannah has been wonderful. In addition to being personable and responsive, her editorial insights have already improved my books. I look forward to our continued collaboration in what will hopefully be a long career with Bookouture.’

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Bookouture re-signs contracts with Watson, James and Dixon

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve re-signed contracts with a number of your favourite authors.

Firstly, Associate Publisher Isobel Akenhead has acquired world rights in two further psychological thrillers for 2021 from bestselling author Sue Watson.

Isobel says,

‘Sue Watson never ceases to amaze me. She’s an incredibly talented author, who’s writing some of most grippingly brilliant and twisty psychological thrillers out there. She’s also an absolute joy to work with and I’m absolutely over the moon that we’re going to be publishing two more fantastic novels in 2021.’

Sue says,

‘I am delighted to be re-signing with Bookouture. The team are amazing, every single person is a pleasure to work with, and I know my books are in great hands. I’m so excited to continue working with Isobel, a talented and fun editor who takes my books to the next level – and comes up with jaw-dropping twists that even surprise me!’

We are also excited to announce that Associate Publisher Lucy Dauman has acquired world rights to two more psychological thrillers from bestselling author Alison James. The first will publish in November 2020, with the second to follow in 2021.

Lucy says,

‘I am absolutely delighted to be publishing more psychological thrillers from Alison James. Every book she writes grabs you from the first page, keeping you hooked through her brilliantly crafted characters and jaw-dropping twists. She is a hugely talented author and an absolute dream to work with, and I can’t wait for readers to get addicted to her next book later this year.’

Alison says,

‘I’m so happy to be continuing my journey with Bookouture. We’ve achieved great things in the last three years, and I’m looking forward to more in 2020.’

Finally, we are delighted to announce that Commissioning Editor Emily Gowers has acquired world rights in two new cosy historical mysteries by author Helena Dixon from Kate Nash of Kate Nash Literary Agency.

Emily says,

‘Helena’s series goes from strength to strength and with every book I fall more in love with the intrepid Kitty Underhay. She is the super sleuth we should all aspire to be like and I am in awe of the devious scenarios Helena devises for her with each wonderful new instalment. I am so excited for these new books!’

Helena says,

‘I’m absolutely delighted to be able to bring more of Kitty and Matt’s adventures to my readers and to continue working with Emily and the rest of the wonderful team at Bookouture.’

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