Bookouture sign debut novelist Suzanne Goldring

We are thrilled to announce that debut fiction novelist Suzanne Goldring is to be joining Bookouture for a two-book deal.

Associate Publisher Lydia Vassar Smith acquired World All Language rights from Heather Holden Brown at HHB Agency.   MY NAME IS EVA, Goldring’s first novel will be published in September 2019 with a second book publishing in early 2020.

Vassar Smith said,

MY NAME IS EVA is an extraordinary story of secrets and spies and one woman’s courage in the face of the enemy. Evelyn Taylor-Clarke may seem to be a muddled old lady but who is ‘Eva’ and what does she hide? I was haunted and compelled in equal measure by this book and it will have instant appeal to fans of THE ALICE NETWORK and ELIZABETH IS MISSING.

Suzanne Goldring said,

When two elderly ladies giggled like schoolgirls and gave me tantalising glimpses of their wartime lives, I knew there was an important story to be told. I am delighted to be working with Lydia Vassar Smith and Bookouture and hope MY NAME IS EVA will encourage everyone to think about asking their elderly relatives to tell their stories before it is too late.

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